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Written by the Institute for Adoption Information's triad members, An Educator's Guide to Adoption is a tool for parents to give to their child's classroom teacher to create a partnership on how to handle adoption in the classroom. The 22-page guide:

  • Increases teachers understanding of how families are built by adoption,
  • Gives teachers tools to deal with awkward situations when questions are raised about adoption,
  • Provides research on adoptee's success in school and life,
  • Helps teachers play an important role in increasing acceptance of all non-traditional families,
  • Provides resources for integrating adoption into everyday curriculum, and
  • Suggests positive adoption language to enhance the acceptance of adoption.

An Educator's Guide to Adoption is the first solid information I have read on how to deal with issues concerning adoptive families.  It addresses both casual comments and curriculum that can be problematic for adoptive families...this good common sense approach can also be applied to other non-traditional families.--Ellen Horwitz, Montgomery County Schools, Maryland

Teaching Tolerance, a magazine sent to millions of teachers throughout the United States, recently published an article on how school curricula is difficult for children from adoptive families.  The article is available free from the web site ( and is a great resource to give teachers when handing them An Educator's Guide to Adoption.  

HOW TO GET "An Educator's Guide To Adoption" INTO YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEM

For a step-by-step manual to incorporating an "Educator's Guide To Adoption" into your School District, click here.  This is based on the real-world efforts of A Red Thread Adoption Agency.

TO ORDER:  fill out the form and mail with $7.75 (postage is included when ordering 1-9 copies) to:

409 Dewey St.
Bennington, VT 05201-4405

For Bulk orders of 10 or more, the price is $6.00 per copy plus postage via first class mail.

10 copies = $3.95
25 copies = $7.55
50 copies = $11.75
75 copies = $13.45
100 copies = $14.95

In Australia, The Educator's Guide to Adoption can be obtained at

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